Carpet Spot Cleaner 

Convenient Carpet Cleaner

HOMELLE FastHeating Stain Cleaner for Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery, Stairs, Cars, Washing Vacuum Cleaner Carpet Cleaner, Wash with 60°C Hot Water, Two Tank Technology, 14 KPa Strong Suction Power 1200W.


Fast Heating Technology For Better Clean

HOMELLE carpet cleaner features FastHeating technology, and has a built-in 700W heating motor, which can heat water to 140℉ in just 15 seconds. Using hot water throughout the cleaning cycle better tackles and dissolves tough stains.

From children's soiled beds to dirty prams, from pet urine marked carpets to heavy sofas to car seats, everything can be cleaned effortlessly without the need for disassembly. High pressure spraying and powerful suction power speed up the cleaning process, reducing user fatigue and allowing faster and more convenient cleaning

Dual Large Tank Design

keeps clean water and dirty water separated, so you can always use clean water for stain removal. And you can easily fill, empty and rinse this 1800ml clean water tank and 900ml dirty water tank.

14KPa strong suction power: with a suction power of 14kPa, it can deep clean up to 5 cm below the carpet layers. Our upholstery cleaning machine combines high pressure spraying and strong suction power to thoroughly clean upholstered furniture, carpets and other fabric surfaces and ensure a clean and hygienic living environment. Choose between the standard mode with 8 kPa or the turbo mode with 14 kPa to meet all your needs.

Portable And Lightweight: Weighing just 4,2kg, the HOMELLE carpet cleaner is lightweight and easy to move from one cleaning job to the next. Its compact size makes it easy to store under a sink or in a closet, and it's perfect for handling emergencies like pet messes, spills, and more.


Extend Furniture Life: By regularly cleaning furniture and carpets with our portable carpet cleaning machine, dust and stains can be removed and the wear of furniture can be avoided. This helps to extend the life of furniture and maintains its aesthetics and quality


24-Month Warranty for quality-related issues we guarantee that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.